Make your house profitable by renting it for filming

Make your house profitable by renting it for filming

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Renting your house for filming is an original and rather lucrative solution to make your house profitable. Many agencies offer to put you in touch with productions. What are the conditions ? Is it well paid? Are there any risks? Here are all the explanations.

How much does it make to rent your house for filming?

Your home can save you money! In fact, you can rent it for filming or advertising shoots, or even for taking pictures. Note that it is very well paid with regard to filming: the majority of places are rented between 1,700 and 2,200 euros per day! This can go up again when it comes to exceptional places like manors for example. But be aware that from a week of shooting roughly, production generally aligns with the low range of this price. Count in the duration of the shooting, what is called "the decoration day", before, and the restoration day, after, which will be paid at half price.

Under what conditions can I rent my house for a shoot?

This lucrative rental is still subject to a number of conditions: the place must be at least 100m2, with a living room of at least 45m2, a kitchen and bedrooms of at least 20m2. The house must be easy to access (not at the end of a narrow street that a film truck could not use). It must be "rotatable, that is to say there must be no noise pollution nearby (fire station for example) and in town, equipped with double glazing. Finally, know that if the productions put some time ago a paint job (that you could keep or not at the end of the shooting), today they mostly look for turnkey houses ready to shoot, so take care of your decor!

What do I do during the shooting?

The shooting can be quite long, so you have to be patient, or even relocate if you do not want to see your house invaded by cables, cameras and other technical equipment. But if the place is big enough, you can of course stay. Whatever happens, you shouldn't be anxious, maniacal, or attached to your objects: your house will be taken over by people who will make them feel at home! There may even be some small snags, which will be repaired by production.

Renting a house for filming, legal side

Once your home has been selected by an agency, that agency will put you in touch with the production that is interested in your home. The agency manages files in general on a case-by-case basis, depending on the type of house, the shooting time, etc.