How to tile a bathtub?

How to tile a bathtub?

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To perfect the integration of your bathtub in the bathroom, you have decided to tile the front. Good idea, but how to do it?


A pencil A trowel A trough A notched spatula A bread knife A gun for silicone seals A silicone cartridge A inspection hatch (to be bought in material stores) Water-repellent plaster tiles Glue for plaster tiles water repellent Tile Glue for tiles

Make the plasterboard formwork

Using a pencil, trace the location of the bottom edge of the tub on the plaster tiles. Cut the plaster tiles to the right size with the bread knife. Place the tiles and check that the recess between the tiles and the bathtub corresponds to the thickness of the tiles. Trace the space intended to accommodate the inspection hatch using the hatch as a guide then cut the plaster tile to the correct size. Remember to place the inspection hatch as close as possible to the tap so that you can easily access it if necessary. Glue the plaster tiles with the glue and the trowel, being generous on the glue.

Install the inspection hatch

Seal the frame of the inspection hatch in the tile intended for this use with plaster tile glue spread generously then clip the door of the hatch into its frame.

Tile the formwork of the bathtub

Glue the plaster tiles with tile adhesive using the notched trowel and proceed in the same way as for tiling a wall. To tile the inspection hatch, be sure to respect the layout of the rest of the bathtub. Make a blank pause simulation before sticking. Finish with the silicone joint between the edge of the bathtub and the top of the tiles.