How to hunt for small industrial furniture?

How to hunt for small industrial furniture?

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Very popular in recent years, industrial furniture has been reissued from different manufacturers. However, bargain-hunting in small furniture can be a fun and sometimes less expensive way of finding pretty pieces. Not to mention the story of the object which gives it extra soul ... Carine Albertus, author of the book "Chiner, collecter" and editor-in-chief of the magazine "Antiquités et Brocantes", gives us her advice on how to bargain-hunt small industrial furniture. Interview by Caroline Delman

What are the objects of small industrial furniture that are most easily found?

Metal storage lockers with several drawers can be found everywhere. In the same style, the old workers' locker rooms, in sheet metal or steel, are selling well. One can also find many small tables which, diverted, can be used as low tables. The industrial lamps that were used in the workshops are also very present, and sold for less than the reissue of the old models. All these objects are affordable in terms of price if they are in the state. On the other hand, if the merchant has stripped them, the prices increase, which is normal because stripping is not a simple operation.

What small industrial furniture very fashionable today can be found in flea market?

The Tolix chair, very popular for about five years, is very present on flea markets and garage sales. Appeared in the late 1920s, these chairs were intended for companies and distributed in large numbers. Today they are the symbol of industrial decoration and are reissued or even copied everywhere. You will find authentic models from 50 euros. Then the price varies depending on the state. Pickled models are more expensive, from 100-150 euros. Another flagship object: the Jielde lamp with two articulated arms. This lamp was used by craftsmen in workshops, such as watchmakers for example. Today these lamps are sometimes reissued at very high prices. You will find these articulated lamps with two or three arms in the flea markets. However, their rating has increased in recent years, their price is quite high, between 150 and 200 euros each depending on the state.

How to bargain-hunt to find what you want at the best price?

It is better to arrive early in the morning, before 10am. This is when good deals are made. Eventually at the end of the day, certain objects can be taken out of the truck to replace the products sold and can hold good surprises. And you always have to negotiate, it's part of the game! Count at least on a 10% discount. Some sellers can lower prices by up to 30%.

What are the best places to find small industrial furniture?

Emmaus is already a good address. You will find many small pieces of furniture there, often to be stripped yourself to give them back their youth. Certain events such as "les Puces du Design", twice a year in Paris, or "le Salon du Vintage" still in Paris, offer many objects. Finally, don't forget the furniture specialists. For more info: "Chiner, collectiner" Carine Albertus Editions Hoëbeke Published November 6, 2008 Price: 30 euros