Metallic wax to enhance your walls

Metallic wax to enhance your walls

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The Maison Décorative effect paint brand offers new finishes for walls, from decorative wax to glitter gel, for an ultra chic look. As simply as changing the curtain, Maison Décorative allows you to revive your murals in a jiffy thanks to two finishes for plasters and murals and a glitter gel. They bring shine and reflection to a simple wall, which then becomes a strong element of the decoration of the room.

Metallic wax

Silver or gold in color, it can be applied to a plaster. It will elegantly sublimate a lime plaster or a tedelakt. The wax is applied with a stainless steel float for lime plasters, or with a vegetable sponge for other plasters. For lime plasters and after complete drying, polish with a soft cloth. In half a day, a banal piece becomes original and refined. Its price: € 29.90 per jar.

The 100% Luxury veil

Silver or gold, 100% Luxe just places a veil on the wall for a unique and precious effect. It is applied in a light veil on a solid mat or satin wall paint, without prior step, using a vegetable sponge and making circular movements. For a more sustained shade, just apply a second coat. The product is dry to the touch in 15 minutes, and completely dry in 12 hours. Its price: € 25.90 per pot for 20 m² of surface.

By Light

This colorless gel gives a brilliant effect to any solid paint. And it is very simple to apply. Silver, gold, copper or holographic effect, it illuminates the background color and creates a wall of stars. On a wall already painted preferably with a satin acrylic paint, it is enough to apply the glitter gel By light in one layer with a flat brush, in all directions to distribute the glitter. The milky white gel will become translucent when dry. Its price: € 23.90 per pot for 10 m² of surface.

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