Buy firewood online

Buy firewood online

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No time to go to the various firewood suppliers to get an idea of ​​their offer, their prices and their seriousness? There is now an ad portal to choose your supplier with confidence.

An announcements portal

You want a good fire, you have just equipped yourself with a wood stove or a pellet boiler. Problem: you don't know who to contact to buy your firewood or other wood-based fuel. Especially since you are wary of the parallel market and you are right. The solution ? Surf on , a site for announcements of firewood suppliers. It allows you to find suppliers in our region in two clicks and compare prices without leaving your chair.

All forms of firewood

All firewood products are represented: wood logs of different species, of course, but also wood pellets or wood pellets (for stoves and pellet boilers), densified wood logs (compacted sawdust residues for fireplaces and stoves) and wood chips (wood chips for specific boilers).

A classification by regions

All the ads are classified by region, which allows them to contact a supplier not far from home (less CO2 emissions during transport and a reduced cost). Links to companies with a website allow you to find out more. In addition to the announcements, the site also gives valuable advice on choosing your heating equipment and the firewood that goes with it. It also gives information on the price of wood and information on wood and the environment.

Recognized firewood professionals

The site only publishes ads from real professionals. Each advertisement is checked by the managers of All new suppliers are obliged to show their credentials since they are asked for their full contact details and their SIREN number. When in doubt, a mystery shopper calls and takes information before deciding whether to publish - or not - the ad. However, the advertised prices are the responsibility of the advertiser