A bathroom adaptable to people with reduced mobility

A bathroom adaptable to people with reduced mobility

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Reduced mobility, disability, accident in life… so many situations for which today's bathrooms are not suitable. Cedeo had the good idea to imagine a range of specific arrangements to slip into any space without having to redo the bathroom. Facility. This is the name that Cedeo has given to its new range intended to equip the bathrooms for disabled, injured or disabled people. His goal: to make the bathroom accessible to everyone.

Half columns

Storage in the form of half-columns, with a limited space, fit into any space, even a small one. To suit all needs, they are available in a corner version, with drawers or with baskets. Fixed on the door, the storage compartments come out automatically when opened. All the accessories are thus at hand, even those stored at the bottom of the drawer. Each interior has two electrical outlets for, again, close at hand. The decorative aspect has not been forgotten with a choice of five facade decorations. This range, called Complicity, is offered with a wall-hung basin with anti-drip edge and with a descending mirror to adapt to people in wheelchairs.

Transform your bathtub into a shower in a few hours

Facilot is a concept developed exclusively for Cedeo to transform a bathtub into an accessible shower without rim in just a few hours, without major work. After removing the old bathtub, you just have to saw the length of the shower pan made of acrylic and resin to fit it exactly into the space available. Hoses and other unsightly equipment are hidden in the ledges. The shower is fitted with a sliding glass wall and an access ramp is available as an option.

One-piece bathroom

Aquaconfort is a patented bathroom specially dedicated to the disabled. The floor is non-slip. The shower tray is integrated, as are the lift bars and storage. Its thermoplastic material is hygienic, resistant and recyclable. The bathroom is delivered as a kit or already assembled.

A 100% accessible shower

These showers have been designed so that a person in a wheelchair can effortlessly reach the interior of the cabin without fear of slipping. The receivers (Rovaro or Jubilar model), extra flat and space-saving, can be assembled very quickly, with or without an access ramp. Once installed in the shower, simply slide the walls (Easy Slide), adjustable to the nearest millimeter thanks to an extendable system. These walls thus adapt to all sizes of shower trays up to 125 cm per side. Finally, chrome-plated brass handles can be attached to the walls.

Smart accessories

Cedeo also offers Orthinea, a range of accessories to be installed without drilling through the walls thanks to a suction cup system: grab handles, supports for crutches, hand shower, mirror, etc. They can be placed and moved at will, and can be carried with oneself at the hotel or with friends. Hand showers and grab bars are telescopic to adapt to all environments.