How to arrange a music corner full of style?

How to arrange a music corner full of style?

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Whether you are a simple listener or potential music lover, whether you like it or not, music plays a big part in our lives. In the street, at the mall, in concert, at home, in the car or on an old record player ... Whether you like it or hate it, it sounds everywhere, for any occasion! If for some, listening is limited to a simple hobby to occupy a subway trip, others cannot imagine a life without music. Passionate, they even go so far as to arrange a cozy corner in the living room, to make the most of it. Don't we say that music softens manners? State-of-the-art sound system, competition rocking chair, subdued light atmosphere, wall decoration in the colors of your favorite bands… And why not, a corner dedicated to your instrument? Our advice and tips for the most total sound immersion.

The perfect place to install your music

© Sofia Jansson / Homepolish To imagine a music corner in your apartment or house, you don't have to condemn a room either! Unless we can afford it of course ... A few square meters are enough. In the living room, near the window if the view is pleasant or in this more intimate and cocoon nook, under the stairs… It's up to you to see what you prefer! And if you want to enjoy solo, nothing is prohibited! This space can easily find its place in the bedroom or the office. There is not really a rule. The main thing is to feel good there , safe, protected from everyday hassles. But we also choose this place strategically depending on the desired listening volume. No way to get angry with the neighbors and risk a fine for noise pollution ...

Equipment for the 21st century audiophile

© Urban Outfitters We knew the era of the hi-fi system, that which we composed in blocks, a guarantee of quality. An amplifier, a cassette player, a turntable… We know the music! Then came all-in-one systems in the 90s, and the CD gradually replaced the vinyl record. But Despite the advent of digital technology and miniaturization, the 21ste century also remains synonymous with a return to authenticity ; a sort of “connected” homecoming. For a trendy and current decor, today's music corner is adorned with elements that appeal to both the past and the future. A kit of connected speakers with a minimalist design or a quality amp and its cabinets with a vintage look will be perfect to give the “la”. For the music bank, we now use our smartphone, plugged into streaming applications like Deezer, Amazon Music or Spotify… And for the sake of authenticity, we love a vinyl turntable and its inimitable reproduction of sound. We choose a retro style record player to stick to the old vintage amp, or conversely we opt for a modern platinum , to slip into my minimalist decor . Only remains complete the collection of 33/45 laps. Between the attic tubes found in flea markets and contemporary artists found at your favorite record store, the choice is vast. We don't hesitate to collect as many of them as possible, so that we never run out of “good sound”!

Comfort for optimal listening

© Record Storage / Vinyl Life To take advantage of this new space, what could be better than a welcoming rocking chair or a retro armchair, placed on a carpet of ethnic or Scandinavian inspiration? We settle there with a cup in hand, rocked to the rhythm of the music, letting our gaze get lost by the window. Add to that a soft bench covered with simple Pleas , or some poufs … And here is our space ready to welcome other music lovers, in order to exchange around this common passion! It is also the ideal configuration for practicing an instrument like the guitar, coiled at the bottom of the sofa like a potential crooner.

The musical touch that makes the decor swing

© Urban Outfitters / Mariekke / Interior Design In order to perfect the atmosphere of our musical space, why not opt ​​for a pretty vinyl furniture flea market , with its compass feet ? Besides the turntable and the discs, it can also accommodate some decorative items from my cabinet of curiosities , a connected speaker or a pretty houseplant. Perfect to add some life to my decor! Is there room to spare in your musical space? We can, for example, adopt an old used piano! It can be used as an instrument but also as a very elegant counter. And why not treat yourself a series of stylized posters of his favorite groups or festivals? To hang on the wall above the deck for a look worthy of the biggest recording studios. We can also hang some vinyl sleeves from his collection: artists now produce collector's editions with colorful illustrations. Finally, to perfect it all, we think of bringing a little light in the evening. We fall for a industrial lamp on a stand or a tavern garland , for a festive and relaxed atmosphere. The day has just ended, what could be better than a good little playlist of Motown comfortably installed in your new musical space? We put the record, we turn up the sound ... and forward the music!