Decorative tips for widening a narrow or long room

Decorative tips for widening a narrow or long room

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Do you have a long piece and don't know how to profit from it? Several tips can give an impression of harmonious volume. From the coating of walls and floors to decorative objects, including the choice of colors, do everything in your power to make your long room just an old memory…

Walls: playing with nuances

Light tones visually enlarge the space while dark tones make it smaller. So the trick is to paint the long walls in light tones and the short ones in dark tones, rather warm if possible. You can for example paint the too long walls in white and the shortest in red, orange, or yellow… guaranteed effect! Additional tip: it is possible to paint one or more horizontal bands on the shortest walls to give a width effect.

The floor: slats across the width

If you want to lay tiles or slats of all kinds on the floor, lay them in the opposite direction to the direction of the room. In other words, a long piece will be fitted with slats across the width.

Discreet furniture

Against the longest sections of walls, prefer discreet furniture so as not to "close" the room. Pick in clear tones, transparency or even silver whose brilliance will give an impression of additional light. In general, avoid excessively flashy or extravagant furniture in a narrow room in order to conserve as much space as possible.

Mirrors to enlarge

Mirrors are a simple tip for enlarging a room. In the case of a narrow room, place them on the longest walls to give an impression of depth. Attention: never have a mirror facing a window, it would reflect the light outside.