I made a mini-gardener with a credit card

I made a mini-gardener with a credit card

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No longer throw away your expired credit cards or loyalty cards. Recover the card and with little material and patience, use it to make a funny mini-gardener. A simple manual workshop, to do alone or with children which will bring all the more satisfaction as you create a unique and original decorative object from almost nothing. What else to consider recycling.

To make your mini-planter, you will need:

- Scissors - Transparent adhesive tape - Writable adhesive tape (ruba type, painter's adhesive) - of a recovery magnet - of an indelible felt - of a felt in the color of your choice - of a little soil - some seeds of herbs like mint or basil

The steps to follow to make the mini-greenhouse

-Start by drawing the news: 739839 boss of the future box with the felt. -Cut the news: 739839 boss of the box. -Gather the cut pieces to make the edges and fix them with adhesive tape. - Cover the adhesive tape with the rewritable tape. -Color at your convenience with the colored felt tip pen. - Attach the magnet to the back of the box using the adhesive tape. -Place some soil in the box thus created. -Sow the seeds there and sprinkle lightly All you have to do is fix the mini-planter on the door of your refrigerator and be patient to see the seeds germinate! article translated from English on