What color should I put with my teak furniture?

What color should I put with my teak furniture?

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Teak is a precious wood native to Asia. Very appreciated for its resistance, it is naturally rot-proof. It is therefore generally used for the production of parquet floors for damp rooms or for garden furniture. But it is also found in indoor furniture where it sports a soft shade varying from bronze yellow or reddish brown.

1- Contrast the color of teak

The color of the teak wood allows a large number of associations on the color side. To begin with, the palette of tender greens to anise green will contrast with the brown tint of the wood. These two tones will enhance each other. Just like blue, and preferably turquoise, it will add a touch of audacity to this massive furniture with classic shapes.

2- Extend the Asian spirit

For a softer version, prefer yellow, red or orange. These colors will extend the Asian spirit of teak furniture. And if you want a more contemporary touch, bet on a variation ranging from pink to dark purple, including eggplant.

3- Harmonize the color of teak

A less risky decorative bias aims to use tones in harmony with the natural color of the wood. Taupe, glossy brown, beige ... will extend the warm tones of the wood. This combination is ideal for an elegant, sober and discreet decoration.

How to use these colors well

The ideal rule for decoration is to use three shades in contrast or monochrome for a single room. For example: + 1 section of taupe wall + 3 other walls in light linen + decorative accessories of a third color such as eggplant, pink or red (curtains, candles, cushion carpets, linens, etc.). = Gently harmonize your teak furniture + 1 section of lichen green wall + 3 other clay-colored walls + turquoise blue accessories (curtains, candles, rugs, cushions, linens, etc.) = Contrast and enhance your furniture teak