Ikea: the essentials of the 2010 catalog

Ikea: the essentials of the 2010 catalog

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That's it: the IKEA 2010 catalog has arrived!. Living room, teenagers 'rooms, parents' room, kitchen ... Ideas abound to decorate and equip your interior. The team has selected 20 essential objects for you from the catalog of the Swedish development giant. Latest babies or products that have already proven themselves.

The living room

Create a salon that suits you and at a lower cost by equipping yourself at Ikea. Design lines sofa, LÖMSK egg-shaped armchair for children, clever and practical BESTA furniture for television, POÄNG adjustable armchair for rock-solid comfort ... You will easily find the element that will bring your room to live freshness that you were looking for so much. And you, what new products from 20010 Ikea caught your attention? Leave your comments in comments