My tips for a natural and relaxing decor

My tips for a natural and relaxing decor

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Take advantage of the holidays to free yourself from stress and bring a little nature into your interior. You will create a soft and relaxing atmosphere.

Choose noble materials

Wood, linen, bamboo ... are recommended materials for your furniture. Prefer the authentic with trendy "natural" colors like brown or taupe. On the walls, opt for light colors like off-white or beige. They will give an impression of purity to the room.

Adapted decorative objects

Raw wood, earth or rope; little or not worked, prefer simple and few objects so as not to give an impression of overload to the room. Place trendy "Zen" style beanbags on both sides of your room such as the "LivingStone" pebble cushions. Finally, do not hesitate to inspire nature to play on colors, materials, light as well as accessories and create a haven of peace that suits you! Find other decorative tips on my blog: www.avis-