Advice from a pro to develop a loft

Advice from a pro to develop a loft

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Meeting with Emmanuel Renoird, interior designer specializing in the development of lofts. Interview by Bérangère Larivaud

How can you define a loft? Is it primarily a question of size or style?

The loft is above all a former commercial or industrial premises transformed into a dwelling. It could be old offices, a small shop. It is not necessarily a very large area with metal beams and a canopy. A loft is above all synonymous open space in which almost all the functions are grouped together. There is a particular way of life behind a loft compared to a traditional apartment. Living in a loft corresponds to a certain state of mind .

Can we build a loft on a small budget?

It is a delusion to believe that because it is a loft, it does not cost much to transform . Compared to a classic apartment in poor condition to renovate, the cost of the renovation is identical. Moreover, the smaller the area to be fitted, the higher the cost of works because the installation of a kitchen and a bathroom represents high costs which cannot be avoided. You can create a minimalist rough surface, but even polished concrete or quality resin on the floor is expensive. Overall it is difficult to descend below 1200 euros per m2 for the development of a loft.

What is the lowest cost project you have had to deal with?

It is a small shop in the Oberkampf district. There were approximately 45 m2 in total, including 20 m2 in the basement. Everything was made to the economy , with a budget of € 15,000 maximum and the owners have done quite a few things themselves. The bedroom was installed in the basement but access was difficult. We left the old original concrete on the ground and we just brushed the damaged walls with lime paint. For the kitchen, the owners recovered formica furniture from the 50s that they adapted for their room, which gave a vintage side amusing. Aesthetically, the result was amusing , with a young student side or artist , but it would not suit everyone. To see Emmanuel Renoird's achievements: