Build an aluminum veranda

Build an aluminum veranda

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With the veranda, we are not dependent on the weather to be outside. The verandas of yesteryear, made of steel, have been replaced by aluminum. Guy Aubertin, Verandas Product Manager at Technal, explains the advantages of an aluminum veranda. Interview by Emmanuelle Maran

What are the advantages of an aluminum conservatory?

80% of us choose aluminum for our veranda. The main advantage is the rigidity of its structure. However, aluminum remains an extremely easy to work material. Very weather resistant, it has been there for decades. It also offers a palette of many colors, even going so far as to offer a wood effect whose grain would surprise more than one!

Can we repaint an aluminum veranda?

You can repaint an aluminum veranda, but there is no guarantee in terms of resistance or durability! Remember the aluminum facades of shops from the 70s, repainted at the option of the new owners, you be the judge! The initial paint, subject to weathering, can resurface and the result will be far from convincing.

How much does it cost ?

Costs vary depending on verandas and finishes. For a basic veranda with equally basic glazing, it costs between 800 and 1,200 € per square meter. The veranda with tinted glazing with solar factors will cost you € 1,500 per square meter, as for the Victorian veranda with the insertion of glazing and wooden patterns, allow € 2,000 per square meter.