Our tips and tricks for customizing a headboard

Our tips and tricks for customizing a headboard

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If you want color, make your fabric headboard with a carpet

A rug, wooden cleats and a powerful stapler are the materials you need to quickly create a fabric headboard original. Attach the battens to the walls using a drill or extra strong glue. Then fix the carpet starting at the corners. Be sure to stretch the carpet well during fixing, and here is a superb headboard in 100% personalized fabric! And if you are rather skilled with a sewing machine, you can create a headboard with a patchwork of fabrics that you have made yourself!

If you want light, make a light headboard

To make a custom light headboard, don't go looking for noon to 2 p.m., and simply make a bed frame with LED strips fixed to the wall which will illuminate the sleeping area once lit. This headboard is perfect for small spaces, because in addition to being aesthetic, it avoids cluttering the surroundings of the bed with tables and bedside lamps!

If you are looking for a practical headboard

Do you have a small bedroom and not necessarily the place to put storage and bedside tables next to your bed? No problem: by fixing shelves and niches (identical or mismatched, simple or with doors, all tastes are allowed!) Just above your bed, you will create a original headboard and very functional in which you can store your books and what you want, but also to decorate!

If you have an artistic soul

If for you the headboard is primarily used to dress a room and give cachet to the bed, you can let yourself be tempted by a headboard made of a multitude of frames, photos, mirrors, wall panels ... Do not hesitate to vary the sizes and the nature of the images, the effect will be all the more successful. On the other hand, if the wall which receives the headboard is small, do not load it too much, and do in the subtlety!

If you want a natural atmosphere

Wood is a perfect material to create a personalized and original headboard. For example, you can put yourself in "reclaim" mode and make a raw and natural headboard with pallets (which you will have taken care to sand, and possibly repaint and varnish beforehand!). For a slightly more graphic rendering, you can also create a headboard by fixing on your wall wooden planks of different sizes and widths.

If you are not too DIY

If the drill is not your best ally, know that you can easily create a superb trompe l'oeil headboard simply paint the area above your bed in the color of your choice and nail a raw wooden frame. Or if you want to give a little more graphic side to your headboard, you can even paint patterns (rectangles, triangles, etc.) of different sizes and different colors for a slightly offset geometric effect.

You can also create a headboard by sticking a strip of wallpaper on a wooden board fixed above your bed, or even stickers. Treat yourself and let go of the patterns: they will help you create a nice atmosphere in your room!

If you hate throwing

Know that you can totally recycle old doors (of wooden cupboards for example, placed vertically, or then a graphic metal interior door posed horizontally), or even old shutters or a screen to create a personalized headboard placed under the sign of recover it!