Organize your living space well

Organize your living space well

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The more we live in housing, the more we accumulate objects and furniture. So much so that we run out of space. Rather than moving for a larger one, opt for a less expensive and equally effective solution: reorganize the space, classify and throw away in 7 tips.


Combining functions in one space gives the impression that the rooms are more spacious. So if possible, open up by knocking down one or two walls (if they are not load-bearing, of course). A day area, composed of the living room, the dining room and the kitchen, can be included in a single volume, for example. In the sleeping area, you can consider extending the master bedroom with a bathroom and dressing area without partitions. The absence of partitions gives a new perspective to the look which extends much further. This also sometimes allows you to benefit from a double exposure in the same room, making it much brighter.

Separate the night and day areas

Sometimes it is not necessary to break down walls to rearrange the space. By grouping the day rooms on the same side of the accommodation, the night rooms gain in privacy and tranquility and the general comfort of life in the accommodation is improved.

Change the layout of the furniture

Sometimes it is enough to move the furniture to smooth the circulation in an apartment. For example, a sofa back to the door means you have to go around it to sit down. While moving it to the side, the living room invites you to enter. By taking a little time to think about it, there is always a room to optimize by a simple change of place.

Play with colors

Color strongly influences the perception of the volume of a room. The matt and dark colors, which do not reflect light, create cozy atmospheres. On the other hand, a bright paint smoothes the walls. Satin paints combine the advantages of both. Color can also be the way to define an area: the kitchen space in the open living room, for example. Or the girl side and the boy side in a room welcoming the brother and sister.

Take advantage of part orientation

If possible, place the bedrooms to the southeast (rising sun side) and the living rooms to the southwest (sunset). Reserve the north for the garage, bathroom or dressing room, but also for the office or workshop because the light intensity is constant and conducive to work.


Get rid of old clothes that you no longer wear, chipped dishes that you dare not take out, objects that have accumulated in the cupboards and that you never use again. Throw away what should be. Give the rest to those who will be happy or helpful. Sort papers and invoices. Classify the photos. Avoid moving from one closet to another without sorting. You're just pushing the problem away.


Overcrowded and messy accommodation does not invite serenity. A well-organized interior is more welcoming because there is space we lacked at the same time as self-esteem. A house is often full of unused corners: attics, high ceilings, blind areas, etc. Take the opportunity to install lockers, wardrobes and cupboards.