The condominium becomes eco-responsible

The condominium becomes eco-responsible

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For its 14th edition, the condominium and property management fair, which will be held at the Porte de Versailles in Paris, until November 14, launches a awareness campaign on eco-attitudes of co-owners. Among the recommendations: "I do not leave a window open during the heating period of my building (ventilation is 5mn with the window wide open, no more!); I ask that diagnostics / technical audits be carried out if I don’t let the water run in the common areas (toilets, laundromat, green spaces, etc.)… It includes a poster, booklet and stickers

Reminder of the six eco-gestures:

1. I moderate my water consumption, it is not inexhaustible

2. I don't waste and I sort my waste

3. I use energy rationally

4. I try to maintain the good quality of the building and the facilities

5. I follow the maintenance rules for my condominium and I have the eco-purchasing reflex when placing my orders

6. To live well in co-ownership, I respect my environment and my neighbors!