A green wall at home!

A green wall at home!

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Find out how to dress a staircase without interest by installing a mini-garden that you can change over the seasons ...

You will need to…

. 7 or 8 zinc pots 10 to 12 cm in diameter. Drill (with bits of about 4 mm in diameter). Wall plugs (1 per pot), to be chosen according to the nature of the wall. Open screw studs (1 per pot). 1 plant per pot. Pencil. Screwdriver


Location of pots

Determine the location of each pot on the wall. Using a pencil line, note the place where the handle rests, where you will have to drill a hole in the wall (see drawing above). Do not hesitate to ask the help of several family members in order to have an overview of your future installation.


Using the drill, make a hole 3 or 4 cm deep in the wall, at each location previously identified. Place the dowels in the holes and screw the eyebolts fully, opening upwards. Place the handle of the pot in the hook. Garnish each pot with the plant of your choice.

Valérie's tip

We have chosen to dress the wall with orchids, but you can opt for other types of plants, even hanging ones, such as ivy. In all cases, leave them in their plastic pot so as not to weigh them down with an earthen container whose weight would jeopardize your installation! Extracts from the book D & Co La Recover, produced with the editorial collaboration of Marie Vandittelli. © 2008, Hachette Livre (Hachette Pratique) - M6 Éditions. © Cyril Plotnikoff / M6