Installation of wooden paneling

Installation of wooden paneling

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Before you start

So that the paneling soaks in the temperature and humidity and avoid any swelling or movement after installation, you will store it for at least three weeks in the room in which it will be installed.

Different types of poses

The panels allow great freedom of use and an incalculable number of combinations. Each type of installation has decorative advantages and can, to a large extent, correct the unsightly volumes of a room.
Thus, the vertical installation, whatever the width of the boards, allows you to visually enlarge the height of the room. • In the case of a volume that is too high, a molded projecting cornice, placed about 20 cm from the ceiling , will structure the room.
In a room with a large volume, you can create a certain intimacy by installing a support paneling, that is to say that the wood covers the lower part of the wall and stops between 90 and 130 cm from the floor. You will crown the wooden slats with a picture rail, the upper part being painted or upholstered.

How to do ?

The blades are "grooved" on all four sides, that is to say provided with a groove on one side and one end and a tongue on the other side and the other end. Thus prepared, the installation looks like a breeze ... The blades are assembled by fitting the tongue into the groove of the next blade.