Soft colors for serene nights

Soft colors for serene nights

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The right colors

Pastel shades are the most suitable. A relatively neutral background makes it possible to temper the more invigorating elements of the decor of the child's room: bedspread, bookcase, posters, toys. Green is soothing: it is a beneficial shade for a very toned child. Blue also has a sedative effect, beneficial to agitated children. Orange and pastel roses gently energize. Use monochrome and use the same shade for all walls. On the ceiling, the same shade in lighter or off-white. Play complementary colors: pink and pale green, orange and pale blue. Depending on the child's temperament and tastes, put a warm color dominant on the walls and the complementary cold color in minor (sheets, cushions, carpet), or vice versa.

Shades to avoid

Red will prove too exciting and tiring. Forget also the primary colors (blue, yellow, red), very cheerful for a play area and toys but little indicated for a room, which is also intended for rest. If your child has a dreamy, introverted temper, avoid blue in all its shades and green (prefer warm colors, which invigorate). But in any case, also let the child choose and then observe what effect the new color has on his attitude. Also to be avoided, the striped textiles, or the friezes on the walls, which partition the space and curb the growth of the imagination.