5 tips to clean everything with the silver stone

5 tips to clean everything with the silver stone

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The silver stone is a household essential: it degreases, cleans, polishes and makes it shine! Presented in powder form, it is a multi-purpose product that works wonders on a daily basis: in the kitchen, in the bathroom, to clean toys and jewelry ... You will not be able to do without it!

5 tips for cleaning everything

- The properties of silver stone - Silver stone in daily cleaning - In the kitchen or bathroom - For cleaning outdoors - When to avoid clay stone

1. The properties of the silver stone

Universal cleaner, silver stone, also called clay stone or white stone, is 100% natural. It is in fact a white powder of Meudon, based on clay, to which soap and glycerin are mixed to transform it into a silver stone. It has many properties and qualities… It is in particular anti-limescale, antiseptic, degreaser and abrasive. It leaves a protective layer on sensitive surfaces, protects, makes it shine. In addition, it is economical because it uses little product during cleaning, and ecological (guaranteed without allergen, it is biodegradable!). In short, it has everything to please! But what to clean with?

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2. Useful in daily cleaning

Presented in the form of a compact powder, it suffices to wet a sponge and to rub it above to impregnate it. This will foam a little: then apply to the surface to be cleaned by making circular movements, gently. Rinse and dry with a clean micro-fiber cloth. Let dry well before closing the box for later use. You can clean everything with: your children's toys, the hob, your jewelry, and even your windows and glass. PVC, copper, aluminum, stainless steel ... Anything can pass! It will leave surfaces clean and shiny.

3. In the kitchen or bathroom

The clay stone is particularly interesting for these two living rooms because it cleans in depth, degreases and has a water-repellent effect which protects from traces of water. In the kitchen, hob, worktop, sink, wall tile ... it makes any surface shine! The silver stone is multi-purpose: it will come to the end of your burnt bottom pans, your dirty oven, or your dirty hood. And if you have brass, count on it to polish it and make it look like new! In the bathroom, you can use it as much to clean the joints and the sink as the taps and the tiles!

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4. To clean outside

© Ikea The silver stone is also very useful outside. It is useful for cleaning windows but also shutters! Do you have a garden furniture? The silver stone will help you keep it clean! To clean porch, grill and garden equipment, also use silver stone. It is effective on all plastic-based products (flower boxes, tarpaulins, awnings, etc.). The silver stone is also useful for scouring car rims, or cleaning your tools! One of the advantages of this stone is that it is rinsed with cold water, so it is easy to use outside.

5. When to avoid the silver stone

On the other hand, be careful before using silver stone on wood or agglomerate, which are porous, or too fragile textiles: indeed silver stone has abrasive properties which do not go well with the tissue. We advise you, first of all, to make a test on a small part of the surface to be cleaned, and to make sure that it does not damage it before you start a big cleaning!