Blue bathroom: all our tips for successful decoration

Blue bathroom: all our tips for successful decoration

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From living room to bedroom, the trendy color in recent years has been blue. Color of water, it naturally finds its place in the bathroom. But between light blue, turquoise blue and navy blue, it is not always easy to know which color to adopt for which style. To help you succeed in decorating your room, the editorial staff has deciphered, for you, 4 trendy bathrooms that play with all the nuances of blue.

Dark blue for a trendy and chic bathroom

Dark blue has become the trend color in recent years. Whether they are present on a wall or in small touches on accessories, the Navy blue , the Royal blue or the cobalt blue give our interiors a modern and chic style. In the bathroom, they are found on the tiles or in paint. We do not hesitate, moreover, to repaint the walls like the shelves for a total blue look. These intense blues are ideal for creating a charming bathroom with three times nothing.

Blue-gray tiles for a Mediterranean bathroom

By playing on all the nuances that blue offers, one can easily evoke the seaside and with them all the beauty of Mediterranean interiors. For a trip directly by the water, we adopt the Mediterranean style ... in the bathroom! We imitate the mosaics by multiplying the blue tiles and we play with the oriental patterns available on cement tiles, for example. For decoration, we think of recovery! Souvenirs of holidays, seashells in driftwood, will be your best allies for a seaside style.

Green blue and turquoise for an aquatic bathroom

What if our bathroom takes us 20,000 leagues under the sea? For a total immersion in the ocean, we take inspiration from it! We start by copying all its nuances by choosing colors like Blue green , the water blue where the turquoise . To evoke the flora and fauna that inhabit it, we opt for an original tiling in the shape of a fish scale and we favor natural materials on the ground and on the furniture with wooden furniture or woven baskets to store everything. As for accessories, we favor rounded shapes with a round mirror or a pretty oval basin.

Light blue and white for a refreshing decor that invites you to relax

The bathroom is often the smallest room in our interior and therefore rarely the brightest place in the house. With the right color choices, you can gain brightness and transform a small dark bathroom into a real light bath. To succeed, it is enough to marry light colours like sky blue and white and add some yellow accessories to it.