10 tips to make your home sweet home cozy

10 tips to make your home sweet home cozy

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Do you want to make your interior more welcoming and comfortable? Here are some practical tips to transform your house or apartment into a real haven of peace.

1. Empty your cupboards

It is not easy to feel comfortable in an overloaded environment. Take advantage of a weekend to sort through the cupboards in your kitchen, the shelves in your living room and the dresser in your bedroom. You will see, once you get rid of the things you no longer use, you will already feel much better.

2. Multiply the blankets and the cushions

To give your home a cozy feel, do not hesitate to accessorize your chairs, armchairs and sofa with blankets and cushions. These decorative and comfortable elements will be real calls for cocooning and idleness.

3. Treat yourself to beautiful flowers

Don't wait for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day to brighten up your accommodation with pretty flowers! Whether you prefer lilies, roses or daisies, treat yourself to a small bouquet from time to time. Placed on your coffee table in a beautiful vase, it will bring a touch of freshness to your home!

4. Keep your interior clean and welcoming

For your home to be welcoming and pleasant on a daily basis, it is important not to neglect cleaning. Avoid letting tasks accumulate (otherwise it's quickly discouraging) and instead make a habit of doing one thing every day. You will see, you will not regret it!

5. Surround yourself in colors that put you in a good mood

Do you have a favorite color? Whether it's light blue, burgundy red or an elegant taupe gray, integrate this color into your rooms. If white soothes you, why not treat yourself to a beautiful white medallion chair from Kare, which will put you in a good mood every day?

6. Bring art into your home!

If you want your apartment or your house to have a unique style, do not hesitate to place beautiful works of art. Paintings, sculptures, photographs, all these little artistic touches will make your interior a pleasant and lively environment.

7. Treat your light sources

So that your "home" gives off a really cozy atmosphere it is essential to organize your light sources well. In addition to your classic light fixtures, think about having candle jars or candles in your rooms. For a pampering evening or a romantic dinner, it will be the best effect!

8. Personalize your furniture!

Do you want a more original decor? Do you want to feel perfectly at home when you cross the threshold of your house or apartment? So customize your furniture! With a little paint and elbow grease you can transform any piece of furniture into a unique piece!

9. Bet on practical accessories

As we saw above, to have a cozy interior it is important to keep it clean and tidy. The best way to do this is to help yourself with practical accessories, which can also be decorative. A nice little chiffonnier, for example, will help you organize yourself better.

10. Furniture designed for cocooning

If you want to make your home a place dedicated to relaxation and conviviality, you must equip yourself with furniture specially designed for your comfort. Poufs, armchairs, and soft sofas should therefore be the centerpieces of your living space. In partnership with Kare Click (Kare Design)